Haley + Deanna // Intimport Columbia Gorge婚礼//政府海湾,或

甚至在这两个开始的地方。他们偷了我的心,我们在喝饮料讨论他们的婚礼时。他们带来彼此生活的快乐是具有传染性的,不可否认的清晰。他们的婚礼当天专注于他们分享的爱,雄伟的巨大背景umbia River Gorge. They had an intimate gathering at their home afterwards, filled with homemade cake, blackberry cheesecake made with berries from their yard, and pizza also lovingly made by their friend (http://hogansgoatpizza.com/pies.html). I am happy that they have naturally transitioned from amazing clients to dear friends in a short amount of time.